A compact, turnkey, mid-infrared femtosecond source of near transform- and diffraction-limited light for ytterbium pump laser.

The MIROPA-fs is a compact quasi-continuous femtosecond source based on a patented seeded optical parametric amplifier design. MIROPA-fs is intended to be pumped by a compact femtosecond Yb laser to create a reliable, turnkey, ultra-short pulse mid-infrared source.

Technical specifications*

 Average power200mw500mW
 Pulse duration200fs
Repetition rate63MHz
Beam qualityTEMoo M²<1.5
Pulse energy3nJ8nJ
Peak power>14kW>35kW
Polarization100:1 vertical100:1 vertical
Average power stability<1% RMS
Power requirements100-250v 50/60Hz 100W
(excluding pump laser)
300 x 204 x 151 mm, 10kg

*The specifications subject to change and vary with the properties of the pump laser.

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