The new MIROPA-fs-M optical parametric source is specifically tailored for advanced applications in nonlinear microscopy.

MIROPA-fs-M supports both three-photon and two-photon imaging in a single package and can deliver either high energy pulses in the 13xxnm and 16xxnm bands for deep three-photon imaging, or pulses in the 8xxnm band for high-frame-rate, near-surface, two-photon imaging. MIROPA-fs-M requires a femtosecond ytterbium pump laser (sourced separately) that ideally produces ≈2µJ pulses in the 1035-1045nm range.

Technical specifications*

Pump laser requirements 500nJ pump laser 2µJ pump laser
Pump wavelength 1035±5nm 1035±5nm
Pump power 5W 20W (10MHz)
Pump pulse duration 200-250fs 200-250fs
Pump peak power >2MW >10MW
Pump repetition rate 10MHz 10MHz
Pump beam (M²) <1.1 <1.1
Power stability <1%RMS <1%RMS
OPA model MIROPA-fs-TiS (at 10MHz) MIROPA-fs-TiS (at 10MHz)
Wavelength Signal: 1330-1700nm Signal: 1330-1700nm
Average power >700mW signal; SHG signal >300mW >3W signal; SHG signal >1.5W
Pulse duration <200fs <200fs
Repetition rate Variable to 10MHz Variable to 10MHz
Pulse energy 1350-1700nm>70nJ; 750-850nm>30nJ  1330-1700nm>300nJ; 750-850nm>100nJ
Peak power  1330-1700nm>300kW; 750-850nm>125kW  1330-1700nm>1.5MW; 750-850nm>500kW
Polarization >100:1 vertical >100:1 vertical
Beam quality M²<1.4 M²<1.4
Power requirements 100-250v, 50/60Hz 100-250v, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (excluding pump laser) 490 x 300 x 151mm 490 x 300 x 151mm

*The specifications subject to change and vary with the properties of the pump laser.

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